Merkava news
Merkava ONLINE. Please download new version 31.36 of merkava from the site.

Special promotion. If you buy Merkava Crystal on 90 days license you will receive +90 days license FREE!! Offer is actual from 23.03.2014 to 30.04.2014

If you use Merkava Crystal, please, download again new version from site. There is problem with update. Download Merkava Crystal v31.36

Present from MerkavaTeam. + 48 hours for everybody.

Some problems with some antiviruses programm (add in approve).
MerkavaBot news
Merkavabot timely turned off for your safety. All would be compensate

Warning! Download by hands new version from the site.

MerkavaBot OFFLINE. Warning! Not supported 5-x maps.Download MerkavaBot v0.26

When you buy Merkava, you will receive MerkavaBot on the same time free.

Present from MerkavaTeam. + 72 hours for everybody.

Merkava Crystal 31.36
  1. Dowload installation file
  2. Install Merkava and set up your browser following instructions on the Help page. HELP ICQ585293063
  3. Enjoy the game (demo-mode allows to use all options of Merkava within 48 hours)
  4. If you are satisfied – purchase a license.
Download V31.36
Update to version 31.36
48 hours free for all!
ICQ: 585293063
Skype: support.support4
Skype: vlv993

Change UID free
MerkavaBot 0.26
  1. Dowload installation file
  2. Install MerkavaBot and run program as administrator
  3. Start botting (demo-mode allows to use all options of MerkavaBot within 72 hours)
  4. If you are satisfied – purchase a license.
Download MerkavaBot V0.26
Update to version 0.26
72 hours free for all!
ICQ: 585293063
Skype: support.support4
Skype: vlv993 (Bot Support)

Change UID free

Feature list of Merkava
  1. Replaces diplomacy processor (+1 free slot)
  2. Replaces repair bot processor (+1 free slot)
  3. Replaces rocket launching processor (+1 free slot)
  4. Shows invisible ships (lurker)
  5. Shows enemies at mini-map with red square
  6. Shows HP and shields of enemy’s ship in exact numbers
  7. Automatically switches to RSB-75 lasers each time they are charged
  8. Automatically switches to SAB-50 lasers if enemy has shields
  9. Automatically locks closest target: aliens, ships, friendly corporation ships (optional). Function is useful at PvP-maps and in Galaxy Gates.
  10. Replaces auto-rocket processor (+1 free slot)
  11. Automatically get in the aim once again after EMP
  12. Automatically switches from rocket PLD-8 to another rocket )
  13. Accounting diplomatic relations (group, NAP,alliance of, union, war), as alliances and NAP acts on clans from another corporations
  14. Strike Group mode (only in version Crystal)
  15. Collect palladium on the map 5-3
  16. Automatically repair HP and Sheild on the map 5-3 when you collect palladium
  17. Automatically change configuration on 5 3
  18. Guardian Angel (Test mode) works only if you have Merkavabot. Timely offline
  19. Collect boxes, celebrate boxes, pirate boxes(except cargo boxes)
Feature list of MerkavaBot
  1. Attacks all aliens (twists)
  2. Collect bonus boxes, resources
  3. Galaxy Gates (alpha,betta,gamma)
  4. Sells selected resources if the cargo bay is overloaded
  5. Escapes from attack, using 4 strategy of escape or attack of enemy
  6. Repair ship
  7. Automatically change configuration
  8. Guardian Angel (Test mode) (works only with Merkava Crystal on the main account)

Browser configuration

Programm will set your system automatic. You need run it as administrator.

Hand settings programm for Mozilla Firefox browser is described in the Help. Instruction for hand settings of Google Chrome Browser:
  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Copy that and put in address line and press enter: chrome://plugins
  3. Press "Details".
  4. Find that and press "Disable": pepflashplayer.dll
  5. Reset browser Google Chrome.
  6. Download the program Merkava.

MerkavaBot setup

Run programm as administrator.

For each bot create new folder and copy there MerkavaBot.exe and Flash.ocx.


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